Becky was taken into care at the age of 15 after her dad physically abused her. At 16, she went into supported lodgings, but was soon spending a lot of time with her uncle, a known heroin user. Not only did she lose her home because of spending too many nights away, but she started misusing drugs too. She was homeless, a drug user and a victim of sexual exploitation.

Social services referred Becky to Llamau and she was given a place at Llamau’s Vale SAFE house. After moving in, Becky stopped seeing her uncle and started to make friends her own age.

Becky attended Llamau’s training department, Learning 4 Life, where she gained qualifications, experience volunteering in a playgroup and independent living skills.

When able to sustain her own tenancy, Becky moved into social housing and was supported by Llamau until she was ready to live independently.