Steven’s mum died when he was just five. His dad was in prison. His only option was going into care. He was later adopted, but suffered abuse and ran away at the age of 16. He ended up living on the streets.

Homeless, young and vulnerable, Steven got involved with the wrong crowd and consequently drinks and drugs. He would steal food and alcohol just to survive and slept anywhere warm and dry he could find - a bin shed, a car park.

After six months Steven managed to find a bedsit and a job as a car cleaner, which he held down for three years. But then his bedsit was burned down and he was homeless again. He tried to keep his job going while sleeping in the car park or in some bushes, but was so tired that his work was going downhill and he got the sack. He became out of control and ended up in prison.

Steven came to Amber on release from prison and has never looked back. He hasn’t touched drugs for over a year and is currently volunteering abroad.