Theo’s troubles began when he lost his father to carbon monoxide poisoning. He was just three years old. Sixteen years later and soon after his 19th birthday, his mother died of cancer. As you’d imagine, Theo’s world was turned upside down. The one person he had left to care for him was gone and the future seemed a very lonely and frightening place.

As his mental state worsened, Theo decided he needed a new life. So he moved from his hometown of Middlesbrough to London. Before long, he was sleeping rough.

Theo contemplated ending his life before he joined Centrepoint. He moved into a hostel and began working with a psychiatrist to deal with his fears and anxiety. He learned how to write a CV, passed his driving test and started a physiotherapy course. He hopes to start his own physiotherapy clinic so that he can help others to overcome their problems.

“I felt like I was at the end and there was no way to go on. I felt like I had nothing to live for”